"Now That You're Part of Our BraveHeart Sisterhood,
We Want to Share Something Destined to Change Your World Even More!"

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From the Desk of Ellie Drake

Now that you've taken the leap of faith and joined the BraveHeart Women Global Community, I wanted to share something more....

While the BraveHeart Community is absolutely AMAZING and LIFE-CHANGING...some women want a little more!

Here's the deal...I'm looking for a limited number of extraordinary women to be a part of my private BraveHeart 'Core Inner Circle'. The qualities of the women I'm looking for are women who:

  • Want to live every moment of their lives purposefully and passionately regardless of any perceived barriers;

  • Don't make decisions based on what others think;

  • Understand investing in their futures never stops paying off!

This opportunity will plant you firmly in a position to skyrocket your vision in a velocity you simply won't get in the FREE MEMBERSHIP alone.

Some Women Want MORE!

Still, we are constantly asked how BraveHeart Women can really JUMPSTART their influence, prosperity, and reach. The people who ask us this are on fire to grow as QUICKLY with as many RESOURCES as possible! So we felt we had to develop another program to support that need. The 'Core Inner Circle' was born!

The 'Core Inner Circle' fully embraces the BraveHeart philosophy. As ships rise with the tide, its mission is to lift up BraveHeart Women to a level they would have a difficult time attaining on their own. This private group will be the nucleus of the BraveHeart Movement. Members will have a vital voice in the steps we take going forward as a community.

Internationally-known experts and celebrities will be even more attracted to the 'Core Inner Circle' because we will be moving forward, affecting change, at a LIGHTNING PACE!

What the 'Core Inner Circle' Can Do For YOU...

We don't want to confuse you on any level. As I said before, you'll get MANY life-enhancing benefits from participating fully in the Free Membership.

However, the 'Core Inner Circle' was created to provide something deeper. It's a one-stop shop to develop your purpose, prosperity, business & your marketing education, your mindset, and your personally-branded community...ALL UNDER ONE ROOF! We've found that many women can find PIECES TO THE PUZZLE, but no one shows them how to put it all together! The 'Core Inner Circle' solves the mystery!

In order to really make the impact I know we can make as a members, we must be living in a place of purpose and prosperity. (Like they say when you're taking off in an airplane, put YOUR oxygen mask on before helping anyone else!) The 'Core Inner Circle' helps you get to that place SUPER FAST!

When it comes to being a member of the 'Core Inner Circle', some of what you'll experience is:

  • How to tap into your PROSPERITY hormone ;

  • How to charge what you're REALLY worth without embarrassment;

  • How to DELEGATE and SYSTEMATIZE your life so you ONLY do what you're passionate about, and not what you don't enjoy;

  • How to create products for PASSIVE INCOME if you haven't and learn to market them effectively if you do have them;

  • How to master your MINDSET and EMOTIONS permanently so you aren't a slave to blocks that held you back;

  • How to STRATEGICALLY PARTNER with other high-profile experts for a win-win situation both financially and spiritually;

  • How to balance your home life with your work life so you aren't STRESSED OUT and OVERWHELMED.

  • How even beginners to the BraveHeart World are able to create alongside more experienced BraveHeart Women using these truly life-shifting techniques ...

  • How to avoid the COMMON MISTAKES most women make;

Most importantly you'll learn how inspiring leaders have a different mindset from regular people, and how you can have it too as a member of the 'Core Inner Circle'.

Watch this short message from Dr. Angela:

What 'Core Inner Circle' Members Get...

Here's what you receive when you are a 'Core Inner Circle' BraveHeart member (and the value of these is simply priceless...)

You will...

  • Be a part of the exclusive 'Core Inner Circle' of BraveHeart Women who are the FIRST to know about what's happening in the community and when before the rest of the gang... AND give your vital feedback. (Is there anywhere in your life where others really want to hear what you think? This will be a place where what you think and know is important!)

  • Have access to the monthly training calls with me (Ellie) and numerous experts, which are all conducted in a question and answer format. To get just one hour with any of these women would cost you at least $750! (AND, you'll be able to ask the burning questions you've been wanting answers to from women who really know the answers.)

  • Receive Mp3 downloads of the calls delivered to you after every call. (People pay hundreds of dollars to get these in the form of information products all the time and you'll get them by being a 'Core Inner Circle' member for free!)

  • Know that all the fees you pay to BraveHeart Women Global Community 'Core Inner Circle' goes right back into the community to GROW THE COMMUNITY. (This pays for online and offline media, advertising, the growth of the community features and benefits, which allows you to really participate in the vision of the BraveHeart Women Global Community's reach all over the world.)

  • Have access to the private forum with me as well as our fabulous experts (Just think. Easy entry into the minds of successful women and communication with them as well... Talk about inspiration!)

  • Have the ability to upload and control YOUR PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING on your branded community! There are so many ways to earn multiple streams of passive revenue when you are a Core Member. You can promote your products, services, or even partner products and services seamlessly on your own branded BraveHeart Community pages.

  • Get major discounts on BraveHeart events! Your 'Core Inner Circle' membership practically pays for itself with the money you save attending our live events. They are packed with content and inspiration! Plus you get first dibs to SPECIAL RESERVED SEATING as a Core member.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Personal & Professional Empowerment!

This type of information easily has a value of thousands of dollars. You can get all of this value for less than a night at the movies for 2.

All BraveHeart 'Core Inner Circle' members will have access to exclusive expert videos provided by some top professionals in their respective arenas. (These guests share insider stories and tips you won't see or hear anywhere else!)

Here is an example of just a FEW of the many exclusive videos you'll find in your 'Core Inner Circle' membership area:

Mary Ellen Tribby
Learn how she built a database of 900,00 subscribers, tripled her revenue in only 15 months.

Dr. Maya Angelou
Poet, best selling author, civil-rights activists, educator, playwright and Remarkable Renaissance Woman

Mariel Hemingway
Actress, best selling author, founder of Mariel's Kitchen and promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Mari Smith
Learn how YOU too can profit from the Social Media Revolution

Kathy Ireland
Finding Solutions for families, Especially Busy Moms!

Marla Maples
Actress, TV & radio personality, philanthropist and creator of 'Awaken the Spirit Within'...

Renee O'connor
Actress, director, producer and movie company owner...

Dr. Lillian Glass
Learn how to have winning body language!

Dianna Booher
Learn how better communication skills will make you more productive.

Joan Marie Whelan
Business Intuition Expert, Intuitive Specialist and International Medium

Sheila Kelley
Actress, dancer, author, creator and founder of the 'S' Factor!

Shaun Robinson
Emmy Award winning journalist, author and co-host and correspondent for "Access Hollywood"

And that's just for starters! And we're always bringing you more and more interesting experts every month!

When it comes to experts, we've uncovered the top-shelf centers of influence in their fields and shared our BraveHeart message. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of these incredibly busy, successful people to come into the BraveHeart studio to share their expertise with you!

Now you can hear the REAL STORIES behind the successes of celebrities, top business people, and thought leaders.

As a Core member you get beyond the velvet rope to listen in on exclusive interviews of some of the busiest, most prosperous people in the world.

Each month 8 new exclusive training videos are added to your BraveHeart membership office--just for Core members. Your BraveHeart experts share the kind of experience and real-world strategies that's usually reserved for behind-closed-door meetings with trusted team members. But they generously are sharing their secrets with Core members in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS found only here.

We are devoted as a Community to enhance our prosperity so we CAN HELP OTHERS! The PROSPERITY and the ABUNDANCE mindsets are vital!

Take advantage of these 7 major benefits to becoming a Core member:

  1. Experience the Prosperity Hormone® Mentoring Program with me so you can enhance your personal, professional, and global prosperity.

  2. Listen to live calls from top community experts on such topics as Releasing unwanted Cellular Blocks, Developing pristine Clarity in all areas of your life, Selling the Feminine Way, and many more...

  3. Create your own branded community filled with tribe members so you can build your professional credibility as a leader in your field of expertise!

  4. Watch exclusive videos from special guest experts such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Kathy Ireland, MaryEllen Tribby, Mariel Hemingway, Mari Smith, Marla Maples, and many more...

  5. Receive a monthly mailer sent to your home with information that is even more life enhancing and business boosting!

  6. Partake in the exclusive mastermind forum for collaboration, connection, and inspiration!

  7. Download morning and evening Oxytocin Boosting Affirmations from the Monthly Affirmation Plantation Club to maneuver your thoughts effectively in order to create a more productive day and a restful and rejuvenating night.

As a 'Core Inner Circle' member, please don't think you're on your own FOR ONE MOMENT! We are a TRIBE in the 'Core Inner Circle'. There

Listen to this short message from Dr. Kim:

Please Don't Feel Pressured!

Before I continue on about the 'Core Inner Circle', I don't want you to think there is any pressure on you WHATSOEVER to upgrade from the Free Membership. Our goal is to rally as many women as possible together who are looking to inspire or be inspired. And the Free Membership absolutely fills that bill. It's a community brimming with purposeful energy, ideas, and action!

We designed it so that finance wouldn't be a barrier to the BraveHeart Movement. This may not be the 'popular view,' but it's way more important to us to put everything we possibly can BACK INTO the BraveHeart Community so it can thrive and prosper!

So please, engage in the Free Membership, join in discussions, share your thoughts with other women, and bolster the BraveHeart Vision.

Watch this short message from Dr. Pamela:

"So....How Much to Upgrade, Ellie???"

None of us is living in a fairy land. We all know in today's world to get our message out there we need to have financial support behind us. Not only that, but so often when we don't invest in ourselves, we don't take full advantage of our opportunities. The good news is a very small amount goes a very long way when our membership numbers are high. That's why for less than one dollar per day, you can access all of these benefits! Yes, that's right... It's only $27 per month and you can cancel if the 'Core Inner Circle' benefits don't exceed your expectations!

Here's the kicker: this super discounted special price cannot possibly last very long, so make sure you get grandmothered in at this amazingly valuable level as there is an impending price increase...

Hear what Radha Conrad says about being a Core member:

And I Want To Tell You Something Else Important...

Any income the 'Core Inner Circle' receives goes 100% BACK into expanding our community. Not a single penny from the 'Core Inner Circle' goes to me to line my closet with shoes or to live an extravagant lifestyle. The BraveHeart Vision is enormous and requires nurturing on a vast scale.

What I mean by putting 100% of our investment back into the community is this:

We'll be bringing in many more EXPERTS and CELEBRITIES whom you'll get access to;

We'll be staying up-to-date on the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES AND STRATEGIES to stay current with the trends;

We'll be tactically getting the BraveHeart message out there so we can continue to attract hundreds of thousands of women into our community for you to get to know and collaborate with.

Not one of us can do this alone, but together as 'Core Inner Circle' members we can make a tremendous difference!

If you're still reading, something in you knows you calling you to be a member!

Remember you'll be getting the kind of PROSPERITY BOOSTING and MINDSET EDUCATION in a matter of hours and months that most people flounder around for years trying to grasp. The path for personal, professional, and global growth has already been laid out for you. You'll be supporting yourself, both personally and professionally, while helping to grow our global vision.

Yes, you can be a part of the BraveHeart 'Core Inner Circle', and you should be!

Join us now by taking inspired action! I can't wait to join forces with you at this level to make the biggest impact we can on the world as women!

Watch this short message from Tara:

$27 per month would get you none of this IF you were to do it on your own!

It's very true! If you were to put $27 per month toward your mindset and prosperity training, your business and success training, your purpose and passion training, not to mention marketing your vision, you would have to multiply that # by at least 100 times! And that's being very conservative!

But because you'll be one of the many core inner circle members, and because we put 100% of the 'Core Inner Circle' membership fees back into the community, you're able to get all of these benefits for this really low amount!

And, we in turn get to expand the message of the community and bring you additional amazing expert training and incredible service, not to mention the thousands of more women per week and per month that you can get to know and connect with...you can also create your own amazing community within the BraveHeart Community by riding this wave of momentum!

Come Mastermind With Us!

Have you ever heard of the power of the mastermind? It's a phenomenon Napoleon Hill discussed in his timeless book, "Think and Grow Rich" as well as an essential component of most any notably successful figure.

Hill described the mastermind as "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the gain of a definite purpose."

The 'Core Inner Circle' is most definitely a mastermind with great potential for quantum growth on every level of each of our lives. Together we can create something much, much more than we could ever be on our own.

We Know OUR PLANS...

So, are you ready? Join us in the way of EXPANSION! Exponentially grow your personal and professional life by becoming a part of our special 'Core Inner Circle'of BraveHeart Women!

Remember, in this special group I will be more available than ever to connect with you and continue to do my part to inspire you in ways that make all of us step up more as BraveHeart Women. I have so much to share with you about our bigger vision of Personal, Professional and Global Prosperity!

We truly hope you will join us in stepping up to the next level and becoming a 'Core Inner Circle' member. Together we can become partners in a vision that is so powerful it can actually change the world...the BraveHeart way!

Let's collaborate, cooperate, and create the BraveHeart Woman Way,

With Purpose & Inspiration,

Ellie Drake

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