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BraveHeart Women...RISE with us! Los Angeles November 10-13, 2011

RISE 2011 is sold out! Get on the waiting list hereAre you yearning to find your life's purpose, live with passion and be prosperous? Do you trust it is time for you to take the next step in your authentic, personal journey . . . for yourself, your business, your community and the world? Help is just around the corner.

Hi, it's Dr. Ellie Drake, and I am personally inviting you to journey with me to a high-spirited, four-day gathering that will be jam packed with educational sessions, enriching interchanges with like-minded women, and electrifying entertainment. I invite you to RISE at our upcoming once-a-year gathering.

Meet women like you, who are accomplished and committed world-class experts, along with celebrity women who are making a difference. Have fun, make friends, and discover how you too can RISE to a new level in your life!

RISE is a powerful catalyst that gets you up close and personal with women from all over the country who are ready to make an impact. Discover unexpected opportunities! Perhaps most importantly, connect with the greatness that is bubbling within you waiting to be expressed.

Imagine having the chance to speak with women experts and leaders whom you have admired from TV and online – along with many other distinguished and inspiring women. RISE was sold out the past two years, and it will be sold out this year too. So don't wait to register because we have a limited number of tickets to this thrilling experience!

Are you ready to RISE Right Now?

High Value, High Content, High Rewards

Not only do you get real-life solutions that help all of us RISE to wholeness and prosperity, but we also have a uniquely mind-shifting, history-making experience planned for Friday, 11-11-11. It's hush-hush until November 11th, but I guarantee you it's something that will be incredibly inspiring to you.

Along with the Transformational Experiences, You'll Also Have Plenty of Extra-Special BraveHeart Fun!

Considering the educational content, entertainment, networking opportunities, and participation of noted experts and celebrities, you'd expect a ticket to the upcoming RISE celebration to cost several thousand dollars. Not if you act right now!

To enable as many inspiring women as possible to experience the transformational energy of our annual event, we've made it super-easy for you to attend! Remember, we do only have a limited number of seats left!

RISE 2011 is SOLD OUT!

Get on our waiting list for a chance to still attend!

Yes! I know attending RISE is exactly what I need in my life right now! I can't wait to be in Los Angeles, California from November 10 - 13, 2011 and want receive all of these amazing benefits just by investing in myself.
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Dr. Ellie Drake, BraveHeart Women Founder and your Host

BraveHeart Women
Founder & Your Host,
Dr. Ellie Drake

What Past Attendees Are Saying...

TariSimply, we were all NOURISHED and CULTIVATED by this event. What was so beautiful for me was that I was actually watching the shift in many of my friends . . . who have heard me over the years talk about BraveHeart Women and the events I have attended. Now I was there to witness their shift or transformation, and I have to tell you that was so astoundingly beautiful.

AngeliisAttending my very first RISE event was everything I expected and more. Something drew me to this event so there was no way I could not participate. All the women I socialized with were very welcoming, loving and supportive, very willing to share their hopes, dreams and words of encouragment for success. They were also willing to share their personal experiences in regard to how they also have become successful. I feel I connected with all in some way but I did have a few special connections as well. I found the entire event very inspirational . . . .

What BraveHeart Celebrities
Are Saying...

"I love myself so much that I'm going to allow myself to create and experience everything I want." Dee tells BHW to let go of what no longer serves us and create new. Come and create with us at RISE 2011.
Dee Wallace

Tweet – Had a blast last night. Received the 2010 BraveHeart Women Authenticity Award recognizing my work as a trailblazer who inspires women and helps them to create change in the world!
Sheri Shepherd